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Access language models that read billions of open web pages and teach themselves to understand individual words, as well as the overall meaning, sentiment and tone of sentences and entire documents.

Use the API to generate completions, distill text into semantically meaningful vectors, measure the semantic similarity between two passages, and more. Get state-of-the-art natural language processing without the need for expensive supercomputing infrastructure.


Our models gain a rich understanding of language and the world by reading text across billions of web pages.


Finetune our models with your data to create tailored models, purpose-built for your needs.


Access language generation, model representations, and conditional likelihoods, all under one API.

Easy Access

Effortlessly deploy language models with billions of parameters into your product.


Generate natural-sounding text from a prompt.

import cohere
co = cohere.CohereClient('YOUR_API_KEY')
predictions = co.generate(
prompt='Rephrase the following sentence:\n'
'1. When does the show start?\n'
'2. What time is the concert?\n'
'3. When is the beginning of the set?\n',


Retrieve embeddings of text to understand its meaning.

import cohere
co = cohere.CohereClient('YOUR_API_KEY')
emb = co.embed(
texts=['This album is not that great.', 'Their old stuff was better.'])
if emotion_classifier.predict(emb) < 0.5:
print('They did not like it')


Measure semantic similarity between texts.

import cohere
co = cohere.CohereClient('YOUR_API_KEY')
similarities = co.similarity(
anchor='title: The Life and Times of Art Garfunkel',
targets=['genre: Music',
'genre: Math',
'genre: Science'])

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