Meet your AI-generated content writer

Generate is powered by a large language model that has read billions of words, learning the patterns and idiosyncrasies of sentences. Using this knowledge, it writes content, predicts outcomes or answers questions at your command.

Reading billions of words, to write the ones you need.

The Generate API is trained on vast amounts of text spanning all topics and industries. With Generate, you ‘instruct’ the model with your specific text generation ask. This could be a copywriting task, named entity recognition, or even paraphrasing or summarization.

What's possible with Generate

Write ads and descriptions faster

Use Generate to perform time-consuming and repetitive copywriting tasks, like product descriptions or email responses.

Paraphrase sentences and paragraphs

Generate allows you to re-word text to suit a specific reader, or reformat existing content into unique pieces.

Make the world bite-sized

Use Generate to automatically condense key information from texts into digestible summaries.

Find what you're looking for

Use our models to identify and extract specific data defined by your unique business needs.

Integrate massive language models into your builds

We’ve made an API that can be used in different libraries that fit every stack. No matter your level of developer experience, Cohere makes it easy to build machine learning into your application with our Python, Node, and Go SDKs.

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Our API can be plugged into any library, making it possible for NLP to be integrated into every build.

Massive language models

Our models have been trained on billions of words, allowing them to understand nuance and context, like a person can.

import cohere
co = cohere.Client('{api_key}')
prediction = co.generate(
prompt='Once upon a time in a magical land called',
print('Prediction: {}'.format(prediction.generations[0].text))

Baseline Finetuned

Make it yours

Our models have read billions and billions of words. But they can be made even more effective with a little input from you. Our finetuning feature allows you to tweak our base models to make them more applicable to your specific task or domain.

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