Unlock the power of NLP with the Cohere Platform

Starting today, you can use the Cohere Platform to build natural language understanding and generation into your product with just a few lines of code.


One platform, unlimited uses

The Cohere Platform brings together everything you need to build websites and apps that can read, write, and understand human language. Developers and companies of all sizes can use Cohere models to build solutions for customer service, chatbot support, content moderation, copywriting and more.

Powerful performance

Receive unprecedented access to world-class Generation and Representation models with billions of parameters.

Quick, painless deployment

Experiment, integrate, and deploy NLP technology and functionality into your application with just a few lines of code.

Flexible and customizable

Upload your own data to create custom models to understand or generate text specific to your task.

Start building today

Get started for free

Hit the ground running with $75 in free credits that can be used to try out our Generate, Embed, Similarity, Likelihood, and Choose Best endpoints.

A model for every occasion

Cohere offers three models varying in power and speed. You can also train our models on your own data by finetuning.

Simple, transparent pricing

No setup fees or monthly fees. Cohere’s pricing is flexible and has no minimums. Pricing is usage-based and determined by the number of characters processed.


Cohere offers a flexible and usage-based pricing model. There are no minimum spend requirements, no set-up fees, and no monthly fees. Simply pay for what you use.

Usage of the Cohere platform is charged on a per character basis. The price per character depends on the model type (Generation or Representation) and size (Small, Medium, Large) that you use.

Check out our baseline pricing on the right. Pricing for finetuned models can be found here.

Baseline Model Pricing





/10k chars

Coming Soon


/10k chars

Coming Soon


/10k chars

/10k chars

Prices are listed in USD

Made for developers

The Cohere Platform gives you everything you need to build natural language understanding and generation into your product.

Designed for developers, we’ve assembled a uniquely powerful and easy-to-use API that make it incredibly easy to test and integrate NLP technology into your stack.

Finetune for your business needs

Looking to customize our baseline models with your own data? You can finetune Cohere models to fit your specific use case. Our finetuning feature enables you to get the best of both worlds: extremely large language models tailored to your context and domain.

What you can do with the Cohere Platform

Speed up your copywriting process

Beat writer's block and scale your content pipeline by drafting intelligent, compelling copy using Cohere's Generate endpoint.

Enhance CX with personalized chatbots

Automate conversations that connect customers to what they need. Tailor responses based on your FAQs, documentation, or internal guidelines.

Power sophisticated text classification

Save time and costs by automatically categorizing large amounts of unstructured data — whether it be auto-tagging support tickets, or grouping articles or posts into specific topics.

Understand customer feedback at scale

Tap into what your customers are feeling by classifying feedback based on sentiment. Use this to set the stage for continual improvement in both your product and support agent interactions.

Identify and reduce harmful content

Address toxicity at scale by detecting and removing unwanted content quickly to uphold your TOS or community guidelines.

Make it easier for your users to find answers

Searching by keywords is outdated. Enable your users to find the information they need by identifying the intent and context behind their ask.