Build intelligent technology with the world’s most powerful NLP toolkit.

Use the Cohere Platform to build products that can read and write.

One platform, unlimited uses:

We help developers build conversational AI, content moderation, copywriting, semantic search, and recommendation systems.

State of the art performance:

Start developing with world-class Generation and Representation language models trained with billions of parameters.

Flexible and customizable:

Build custom models trained on your own dataset, tailored to your unique needs.

Quick, painless deployment:

Experiment, integrate, and deploy NLP technology and functionality into your product with just a few lines of code.

Don’t break the bank:

Our usage-based pricing model doesn’t have minimum spend requirements, monthly or setup fees.

Cloud agnostic:

Integrate the Cohere platform regardless of your infrastructure. All you need is an internet connection to leverage our powerful technology.

Develop sophisticated chatbots

Use Cohere’s world class machine learning models to understand the meaning of customer inquiries and power state-of-the-art chatbots. Improve comprehension capabilities to build more personalized user experiences.

Build your first classifier

Write faster than ever before

Generate original content with just one API call, whether it's product descriptions, SEO-optimized ad copy, or long-form blog content. Give your writers the tools they need to supercharge their content engine.

Start summarizing text

Move beyond keyword search

Searching by keywords doesn’t always retrieve the data customers need. Quickly build a powerful semantic search engine with the Cohere Platform to return relevant results.

Learn more about text embeddings

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