We help computers understand language.


The Cohere Platform provides access to models that read billions of web pages and learn to understand the meaning, sentiment, and intent of the words we use.

A rich understanding of language and the world by reading the web

One API.

Billions of parameters.

Unlimited uses.

Build natural language understanding and generation into your product with a few lines of code.


Use the Cohere Platform to write human-like text by completing a prompt or filling in blanks. You can write copy, generate code, summarize text, and more.

Here are a few examples of how the API can generate text.

We dream of a world where computers understand us. To communicate naturally with language is


Compute the likelihood of text and retrieve representations from the model. Use the likelihood API to filter text based on chosen categories or selected criteria. With representations, you can train your own downstream models on a wide variety of domain-specific natural language tasks.

Here’s an example of how the API can sort semantically similar text into topics.

  • Returns

  • Complaints

  • Shipping

  • Business Hours


The Cohere Platform can compute the similarity between pieces of text, and make categorical predictions by comparing the likelihood of different text options.

In this example, the API compares possible endings to a sentence.

What do DNA and computer programs have in common? Both are

organic materials

a series of instructions

technological innovations

created by humans

The model has multiple lenses through which to view ideas, so that it can recognize abstract similarities between concepts as distinct as DNA and computers.

We help computers understand language.