We are Cohere

Cohere is here to give developers and businesses access to NLP, now.

From our HQ in Toronto, our offices in Palo Alto and our new hub in London, we work at the cutting edge of machine learning to share the power of NLP with the world.

We share the power of natural language processing with the world

Our large language models can generate, categorize and organize text at a scale that was previously unimaginable.

Our goal is to share our models with the world, through products that can be picked up by any developer, no matter their experience with ML.

In doing so, we are removing the final barrier that stands between human and machine — language. And creating a new future where every experience benefits from technology that can comprehend and create words.

The four golden rules

Cohere was started by Nick Frosst, Ivan Zhang and Aidan Gomez, a co-author of the groundbreaking paper “Attention is all you need”, (over 23k citations), a paper that revolutionized NLP.

In 2021, we doubled in size and this year, we are continuing to grow. As we scale, we are guided by our values, the four golden rules that make us, us.

We build for a positive future

We know that NLP has the power to change our world for the better, but only if we stay vigilant and anticipate risk — both in what we build and who we share it with.

We build for the many

We share the power of NLP with any software engineer who needs it, now. To do that, we are wholeheartedly useful, always sharing real-world applications and solving actual user problems.

We always stay curious

NLP-at-scale isn't incremental. It's a new technology that needs to be met with a beginner’s mindset by a diverse set of people. With every problem we face, we bring humility, curiosity and an eagerness to learn — qualities we share with our users.

Now never stops, and that's pretty fun

We share NLP with the world, now. And the thing about now is, it's always changing. So, in our product, our customer service, our safety work, we continually look for opportunities to learn and improve. This maker spirit can be seen in everything we do, and it makes our days well, fun.

What it’s like working here

We are focused on creating a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive, no matter who they are or where they come from.

We want Cohere to be the place where you do the best work of your career. To do that, we need to create an environment where everyone can bring their full self to work, and we take the time to make thoughtful decisions about how we work, and the perks we provide.

Our Benefits

Health & Lifestyle
  • We cover 100% of premiums across health, dental, vision & travel
  • We offer RRSP, 401K, and Pension Scheme contributions
  • We offer lunch and fitness studio credits and a quality time fund which can be spent on things like dog walking and laundry services
Stock options
  • We want everyone who contributes to our success to get a ‘piece of the pie’
Work Remote & PTO
  • We know that some people work better at home, so we are remote-first, and sure that all meetings, events, and opportunities are set up for our distributed team
  • Every employee at Cohere gets 6 weeks of paid time off & US and Canadian federal holidays, and we provide unlimited sick days
Family Support
  • All new parents (including those who adopt or go through a surrogate journey) are eligible to receive 100% salary for 6 months in Canada, the US, and the UK
  • The decision and journey to having kids is different for each person and family. Part of our commitment to diversity is being able to support the widest variety of these scenarios as we can so we offer financial support for egg freezing and IVF for those in the US, Canada and the UK
Growth & Development
  • Every employee at Cohere receives an annual $2,000 education fund to use as they please.

We are backed

We recently raised our Series B from some of the leading AI investors in North America, signed a multi-year partnership with Google Cloud, and are focused on sharing our technology with the world.

We are ambitious

We believe NLP brings the promise of a world where the relationship between man and machine is fundamentally changed. Our goal is to build products that help any developer to integrate NLP into applications, to make this future a reality, faster.

We are diverse

We are focused on creating a diverse and inclusive work environment so that everyone can thrive, whether they join us from Google Brain or Apple, or had a previous life as a online poker champion (that’s a true story).

Join Cohere

We’re always looking for new people to join our team. Check out our listings below or send us an email at