Build machines that understand the world

Language is essential to humanity, but it can be difficult for computers to parse the syntax, semantics, and context that all work together to give words meaning. This language barrier limits our ability to interact naturally with technology the way we interact with each other. At Cohere, our mission is to build machines that understand the world, and to make them safely accessible to all.


We’re a small, diverse team with loads of experience in research and engineering. We come from the best labs and schools in the world, and we’ve also dropped out of them, or never been to school at all! We welcome brilliant people, from wherever they come.

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    Aidan Gomez

    Cofounder & CEO

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    Ivan Zhang


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    Nick Frosst


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    Adrien Morisot

    Machine Learning

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    Amr Kayid

    Machine Learning

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    Bharat Venkitesh

    Machine Learning

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    Carol Chen


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    Chris Cremer

    Machine Learning

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    Claire Cheng

    Chief of Staff

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    Cooper Raterink

    Machine Learning

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    Dameli Ushbayeva


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    David Rein

    Machine Learning

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    Dustin Zhang

    Business Operations

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    Ellie Evans


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    Helen Ngo

    Machine Learning

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    Jared Krause


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    Jay Alammar


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    Jeff Hui


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    Jim Wu


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    JJ Balisanyuka-Smith

    Machine Learning

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    Joanna Yoo

    Machine Learning

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    Joanne Magbitang


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    João Guilherme Madeira Araújo

    Machine Learning

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    Jonathan Rosenbluth

    Business Operations

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    Kuba Perlin

    Machine Learning

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    Lorenz Kuhn

    Machine Learning

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    Miles Turpin

    Machine Learning

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    Robert Kozin


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    Rodrigue Hajjar

    Engineering Director

  • Rozhina Ghanavi's face

    Rozhina Ghanavi

    Machine Learning

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    Sid Kamalakara

    Machine Learning

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    Stephen Gou

    Machine Learning